This is my first blog entry.  My plan here is to put some real life perspective on family and military life.  You watch programs like the real house wife’s of Atlanta and it’s spin offs.  None of these shows are real life, it’s rich spoiled people’s skewed view on life.  It’s about time for normalcy.

Since October 3rd I have been TDY, temporary duty, or on a business related trip for those not military slang savvy.  I have only had two weeks at home since then.  This is hard on my family; wife, 3 1/2 year old daughter, and 9 month old son.   My wife is also in the military and so I think she has the harder job between the two of us.  Not only does she have her work, but she’s got to take care of the kids on her own right now.  Thank goodness I’ll be done soon and be home for the holidays.

Currently we are having some issues in our lives.  First, our daughter is biting at school.  My wife and I are trying all kinds of things to stop the behavior.  I’m not particularly happy with the day care providers we use, I think most are too young and don’t have the demeanor to handle a class of 20 three-four year olds.  Lets face that’s a trying age, they still have temper tantrums, are toilet training, want attention, and have short attention spans, it takes a certain character to handle all that, it’s hard enough for parents to handle their own, never mind a care giver in a large scale environment.  Second, one of our dogs is pretty old, has hip issues and is now reverting back to pre-house broken days.  My wife is constantly getting up to surprise’s.  Being that I’m not there, it’s hard to get vet arrangements made to see if we can take care of this.  Third, this is the time were our son is starting to pull himself up on things and wants to crawl around, tie this with the dog issue and you want to keep him corralled but it upsets him to be cooped up and isn’t fair to his development.  Oh and by the way it’s Christmas time and the stress that’s involved with this season.

Enough of the family issues.  I’m going to also talk about things like, dishwashing, yard upkeep in a place where the yard soil is nothing but sand, handling dog aging and how my daughter will handle when the inevitable comes along.  Issues that irk me that I see in daily life, and those military idiosyncrasies affect our life.

This is for people who have daily life issues and just want to see how another similar person is dealing some of the same issues, complaints, joys, sorrows, and pet peeves.

Happy Holidays to all.



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